Demo Ideas / Handouts

Demo Suggestion Form


Inside-Out Christmas Trees (by Roger Zimmermann)

Turning a Piston Box (by Tod Raines)

Streptohedrons (from Randy Hardy)

Bowl Turning Demo (by Ron Browning)

Turning a Sea Urchin Christmas Ornament (by Ron Browning)

Options for Drying Green Bowl Blanks

Bottom Hollowing (by Gene Gross)

Shaving Brush

Stool Legs (prior VP Challenge)

Woodturning Tips (by Gene Gross)

Wooden Candle Holder

Bird House Ornament Demo

Bird House Ornament

Bowl-Turning Basics

20-Ways not to turn a Bowl

Vacuum Chuck System

Bullet Pen Tutorial

Make your own Bullet Pen Blanks

How to use Jig for Fluting and Decorative Cuts (by Bob Winburn)

SketchUp (by Randy Hardy)

Ball in a Ball

Making a Longworth Chuck

Hand Drill Instructions

Christmas Ornament (by Bob Hamilton)

Inside-Out Fancy Ornament Technique

Stacked Ring Bowl (by Dave Search)

Herringbone Pen Blank Tutorial

Tapped Face Plates

Log Orientation

Creating Outlays from Inlays

Fancy Tops & Bottoms

Turning Squares into Triangles

Twisted Goblets

Inlaying Turquoise

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